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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I love my Graze box!

Well as you can see from the above pic I’ve started getting Graze boxes delivered once a week! Graze offers healthy, tasty, low calorie snacks of your choice delivered to your door on a day that you choose for just £3.79. The box is slim enough to fit through your letterbox so you don’t have to wait in for it. 
I was actually lucky cos I got an email from groupon offering me 4 boxes for a fiver, bargain! And then when I got all registered they told me my 1st box would be free anyway! :)
My first box contained sweet chilli crackers (they got eaten straight away!) fruit and nut flapjack (my daughter stole two of these haha) berry mix and vanilla seeds. I liked everything I received in my nibble box, too much in fact it all got eaten so fast lol, so next week I have chosen the nutrition box instead, which is perfect for pre and post–gym snacks. You can mix and match your snacks though, you just get on the website and choose what things you like and cross the things you aren’t keen on.  Check your inbox and see if this offer is still valid, but if not to claim your FREE graze box enter this code K2PH935C at www.graze.com. UK only. xxx

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